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Operating Microscope
Slit Lamp
Trial Lens Set
Binocular Loupe
Fibre Optic Head Light with Cold Light Source
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Retinoscopy Model Eye
Operating Light
Ophthalmic Torch
Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Streak Retinoscope
Dissecting Microscope
Student Microscope
Pathological Microscope
Stereo Zoom Microscope
Fluorescent Microscope
Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope
Microscope with Digital Video Imaging System
Overhead Projector
Slide Projector
Projection Screens
Triple Beam Balance
Double Pan Balance
Spring Balance
Hot Air Oven
Water Bath
Water Bath Shaker
Water Still
Heating Mentle
Hot Plate
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Muffle Furnace
Rotary Shaker
Vacuum Oven
Humidity Cabinet
Models and Charts
Herbal Products
Welcome to
We take privilege in introducing ourselves as Eminent Indian Exporters & Promoters of Ophthalmic Instruments, Ophthalmic Equipments, Laboratory Microscopes, Laboratory Instruments, Scientific Instruments & Medical Instruments etc.

We have a standing of over one decade in this field & we are exporting regularly & successfully, our above-mentioned diagnostic equipments/instruments worldwide.
Surgical Microscopes Student Microscopes for Future Surgeons
Ophthalmic Microscopes Beam Splitter with C Mount
Dental Microscopes CCD Camera
ENT Microscopes Monocular Assistoscope
Plastic Surgery Microscopes Objective Lens 175mm,200mm,300mm & 400mm
Table Clamp mounted ENT Examination Microscopes. Neurosurgery Microscopes
Slit Lamp Bio-microscope Lacrimal Intubation Set
Motorized Table Phaco practice eyes
Manual Instrument Table Low Vision Aid
Keratometer Aspherical Lens
Lensmeter Gonioscope Lens
Synoptophore Otoscopes
Trial Lens Set ENT Diagnostic Set
Trial Frame Fiber Optic Head Light with Cold Light Source
Operating Light ENT Head Light
CAM Vision Stimulator Dental Head Light
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Retinoscopy Model Eye Halogen Cold Light Source
Binocular Loupes Surgical Loupes
Dental Loupes    
We are exporting our Ophthalmic equipments, Ophthalmic instruments, ENT instruments & ENT Equipments directly to the Surgeons & Physicians worldwide & through dealers.
We are a team of young Marketing & Technical professionals, who understand the needs of our Customers, based on our vast experience.
We give instant response to business inquiries in details, at first instance.

To provide a range of Quality Diagnostic Instruments & Equipments directly to our domestic & overseas customers, at the most competitive price.

Dealer’s Business Inquiries are also taken to equal priority.

To achieve customer‘s satisfaction, through supply of Quality Diagnostic Instruments & Equipments in specified time period.

Please send your business enquiries or Call Mobile: +91-9416119569

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