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Dental Chair Unit

Electric Dental Chair


We offer Electric Dental Chair with following features and specification:


  • Panel for operating chair & spittoon block by soft feather touch switches as well as soft foot control.
  • Round doctors stool with pneumatic piston for height adjustment, rotatable seat, moveable seat, movable on four castor wheels.
  • Spittoon block with integrated ceramic spittoon and tumbler filler operable by soft feather touch switches from panel.
  • Compressor unit with 0.75 hp oil free (imported head), high output, max pressure of 112 psi, tank capacity 30 litre inbuilt, filter and with automatic cutoff switch.
  • Pneumatic suction attachment/low vacuum vibratory suction pump.
  • Two intensity halogen light with imprinted multi surface glass reflector. 

Standard attachment includes:

  • 3-way syringes
  • Air rotor coupling for air rotor hand piece having speed up to 400000 rpm
  • Air motor/micro motor coupling
  • Movable arm for suction holder along with additional 3-way syringe (optional)

Optional accessories:

  • Piezoelectric ultrasonic scalier
  • LED type light cure gun
  • NSK air rotor hand pieces (standard head or super torque)
  • Micro motor (Korean) speed up to 36000 rpm along with straight and contra angle hand pieces from NSK Japan