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Hot Air Ovens

Hot Air Ovens


HOT AIR OVEN Universal (Memmert Type) (Three side heating elements):
Standard double wall fabrication, Inner chamber made of richly anodized aluminum or highly polished stainless steel sheet. Exterior fabricated out of thick mild steel duly finished in white stoving enamel/Powder coated paint with mat finished colour combinations.

Kanthal wire heating elements provided on three sides to attain quick and uniform heating in range of 50° C to 250° C± 2° C, controlled by capillary type thermostat. L-Shaped thermometer is built- in type. Control panel is provided with selector switch of high or low rates of power thermometer control Knob and indicator for mains & thermostat. Supplied with cord and plug. The equipment is suitable to operate o 220 VAC 50Hz single phase

Chamber size in mm/Inches

         H       W        D           (Approx)
a)    300 x 300 x 300            28 ltrs.
b)    350 x 350 x 350            45 ltrs.
c)    450 x 450 x 450            95 ltrs.
d)    600 x 450 x 450            125 ltrs.
e)    600 x 600 x 600            224 ltrs.
f)    900 x 600 x  450            252 ltrs.
g)    900 x 600 x 600            336 ltrs.
h)    900 x 900 x 900            480 ltrs.


  • Air Circulating fan
  • Timer 0-24 hours.
  • Imported Thermostat “EGO”/ “ JUMO” German with the Accuracy of ± 1°C.
  • Digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller.