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Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace


Category : Furnaces Outer shell made out of thick mild steel duly finished in attractive stoving  enamel paint.  Fitted with grooved refractory for supporting the heating   elements made out of kanthal wire and are easily replaceable. Maximum  temp. 1000oC with working temp. 940oC controlled by SUNVIC energy regulator. 

Inner Muffle size in mm & Inches

a. 225x100x100 (9x4x4)
b. 250x125x125 (10x5x5)
C. 300x125x125 (12x5x5)
d. 300x150x150 (12x6x6)
e. 300x200x200 (12x8x8)
f. 350x175x125 (14x7x5)
g. 475x175x125 (19x7x5)
h. 450x225x225 (18x9x9)

Optional :-i) Digital temp. Indicator- Cum – Controller instead of energy regulator and pyrometer.