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Ophthalmic Chair Unit / Refraction Chair Unit

Ophthalmic Chair Unit

This Chair Unit is modular floor chair with back seat and supporting seat for comfort. This chair units can be used in open and close states. It provides a flexible support to back and also an adjustable hinges for limiting the chair to the open or in closed position.

A Multi Functional Unit for comfortable usages by Ophthalmologist providing optimum utilization and patient comfort.
Occupies minimum space and provides Refraction/Examination in one unit.

With hands on control panel for overhaul lamp, Slit Lamp, Auto Refractometer, Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope, chair elevation & auxiliary outlet. This versatile unit has effortless lateral movement.

The chair can be rotated 1800 around axis an electrical input.

Can be locked at any position.

The elegant smooth and noiseless chair can receive up to 1800 through motioned movement converting it into minor surgery table.


Up/Back (Forward): By DC motor 24 V
Headset: Detachable
Elevation Stroke: 190mm
Seat Height: 560mm x 760mm
Inclination of back seat: 100 to 1750
Rotation: 0 to 1800
Foot Switch:  For up/down of chair only
Arm Set: Moulded Polyurethane
Input Tension: 240 V DC
Net Weight: 98 Kg.
Load Lifting Capacity: 180 Kg
Required: 2450mm x 1300mm in
In fully reclined position
1700mm x 1300mm in erect position

Slide table stroke: 345mm
Power supply: 0, 2.5, 3, 6, & 12V
Selections for table
Mounted equipments
Height adjustment: 560mm x 760mm
Safety Stopper: Available
Height from floor: 870mm
Tray Movement: 0 to 900 (Rotated)
Table Top size: 400mm x 810mm
Trial Lens Set tray size: 520mm x 340mm x 50mm
Base Plate: 770mm x 730mm
Main Unit Body: 700mm x 480mm x 220mm
Light Pole Length: 1800mm x 22.5mm Diameter
Fuse: Slow blow type