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Optical Colposcope with Beam Splitter

Optical Colposcope with Beam Splitter & CCD Camera Model RCS-30



  • High - Precision Op. Room Optics
  • Reliable for In-office Surgical Application.
  • Also excellent for Op. Theatre and Lab work.
  • Very economically priced.
  • Also conveniently moveable for one place to another.


  • Gynaecological (Including vaginal and uterine) diagnosis and/or surgery or Post-op. inspection.
  • Detection of uterine cancer, vaginal or uterine erosions, tumours, congestion of inflammation.
  • Very accurate Biopsy of uterus or vagina, (with help of clearly magnified view.)

Advantageous Features

  • Objective Lens
  • Moveable Binocular Eyepieces
  • Height is adjustable
  • Fine focusing
  • Tilting arrangement


  • Tilting Adjustment: 30degree Upward & 30degree Downward
    Working Range (Fine Focusing): 50mm
    Lamp: 24V/250W
  • Total all-inclusive weight: 22Kg.
    Filter : Green
  • Individual Components
    Eye Piece: 15x
    Objective Lens & Working Distance: 300mm
  • Field of vision: 32mm
  • 3 Step Magnification: 7.5x, 12.5x & 20x (stepper)
  • Cross Slide: 50mm
    Light Source: Halogen Fiber Optic. Double outlet

Optional Accessories

  • Beam splitter with Camera Mount
  • CCD Camera