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Over Head Projector

Over Head Projector



  • Excellent contrast through 90mm single element uni-focal or 3 element lens
  • Optimized brightness due to an optical system
  • Anti-glare Fresnel-lens, Projection platform 285 x 285mm


  • Built-to-last, Rust proof, Shock proof,durability unmatched with all ABS Body.
  • Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick-changer which can be easily operated from outside. Should a lamp fail during a presentation the spare lamp can be quickly utilized.
  • Halogen Lamp 24V/250W
  • Fine focusing with rack & pinion mechanism.
  • Economy Switch DIM / BRIGHT, Overheating Device.
  • Whisper quite cooling Twin Fan Maintains low temperature on the stage.
  • Easy to open working top,push the lock and open to working top. Safety interlock system, automatically cut off power of unit while replacing lamp
  • Colour fringe adjustment,


  • Writing pack, A-4 plain transparency 25nos.
  • 2 nos. Glass Fuse, Dust Cover.
  • Foldable projector arm
  • Rotating head 360degree
  • Colour Fringe
  • Lamp Changer


POWER SUPPLY : 220~240V, 50Hz
POWER CABLE : 3.5 Meters
WEIGHT : 7.3kg
DIMENSIONS : 415x380x225mm (LXWXH)
LUMEN  : 2300
Rotating Projection
360degree  : Yes