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Pathological Microscope Binocular

Pathological Microscope Binocular


Viewing Head : Binocular Head Inclined at 45degree

Frame : All Aluminum pressure die casted body

Paint : P.U. Coating in Light Cream Shade

Nose Piece : Dust Proof Quadruple revolving Ball Bearing Nosepiece

Observation Head : 360degree rotatable and 45degree monocular inclined head with all anti-
fungus coated prisms.

Focusing System : Separate Coarse & graduated fine focusing knobs.

Mechanical Stage : Low drive co-axial mechanical stage.

Condenser : Bright field sub stage condenser having 1.2 N.A. with Up & Down Movement.

Eyepiece & Objective : Set of 4x/5x,10x, 40x/45x and 100x and a paired set of 10x wide field and 5x (HUY) eye piece.

Illuimination : 6V, 20W halogen lamp builtin Base & Plano concave mirror attachment.

(Optional LED Illumination system also available with battery backup)