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Water Bath

Water Bath


Category : Baths
Double wall construction, inner being made out of highly polished thick stainless steel and outer made out of thick mild steel sheet finished in stoving white enamel paint or staple mat colour combinations. The gap is filled with special glass wool for temp. insulation. The bath is provided with the drain cock to easily drainout the water and clean the chamber when required. A pyramidal shaped cover is provided.
Immersion type heating elements are fitted at bottom. Temp. range  5o C above ambient to 80o C with accuracy + 0.5oC to 1oC is controlled by capillary thermostat regulated by a graduated knob on the panel, which is also provided with pilot lamp etc.
The equipment is workable on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.  The baths are supplied without racks, thermometer and stirring arrangement.

Size inside Chamber (Stainless Steel)  Capacity (Approx).
a. 300x175x175mm  (Suitable for 1 racks) 12ltrs.
b. 300x250x175mm  (Suitable for 2 racks) 14ltrs.
c. 375x300x175mm  (Suitable for 4 racks) 18ltrs.
d. 455x300x175mm  (Suitable for 6 racks ) 25ltrs.
e. 605x300x175mm  (Suitable for 8 racks ) 32ltrs.

Optional :-
i)  Imported Thermostat “EGO”/”JUMO” German with the accuracy of ±0.5°C.
ii) Digital temp. Indicator –cum – Controller.
iii) Microprocessor PID Digital temp. Indicator- cum- controller.
iv) Digital temp. Indicator.