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  Double Pan Balance

Double Pan Balance Two pan beam balance for accurate and rapid weighing up to 2kg when used with supplementary masses. The balance has centre indicating sliding masses to weigh up to 210gm, spring loaded zero adjust compensator and magnetic damping. Stainless steel pans are 150 mm diameter. cap.2kg x 0.1gm
Set of supplementary Masses 1 Kg, 500g, 200g, 100gm, and 50gm.
  Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance The classic weighing instruments for classroom instruction, these balances provide accurate results year after year. Weigh anything -Liquids, solids or live animals. Spring loaded zero adjustor compensator and magnetic damping is provided. Stainless steel pan is of 150mm diameter.# cap.610gm.x 0.1gm. # cap.2610gm.x 0.1gm.
  Spring Scales
Spring Scales Colorful, inexpensive spring scales that provide direct readings for both force and mass measurements. Available in purple, blue, green, brown, red, white, yellow color.Each is calibrated in both grams and Newton. The body tube is constructed of clear plastic with color-coded plastic ends, and chrome-plated hooks and rings. The top of each spring is leveled for easy use on an inclined plane.
Each scale can be fully zeroed.
Spring Scale, 250 g/2.5 N, Dual Calibration, Blue
Spring Scale, 500 g/5 N, Dual Calibration; Green
Spring Scale, 1 kg/10 N, Dual Calibration, Tan
Spring Scale, 2 kg/20 N, Dual Calibration, Red
Spring Scale, 3 kg/30 N, Dual Calibration, White
Spring Scale, 5 kg/50 N, Dual Calibration, Yellow
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